Monday, March 1, 2010

The True and Living God

Jermaine said...

Here's a question for you and correct me if I am wrong: Seeing how males are considered to be "man" and females are considered to be "wo-man". Science proves without a shadow of a doubt that females were here first. Since the female was the first "man" and she created males from her. Are the classifications of gender mixed up? Shouldn't males be classified as "wo-man" since males came from her womb and females be considered "man". Hotep

Thank you for your question.
The woman was not the first man the woman IS the first of the species of human being. The male is a diversification of the gene of a woman, it is a lack of information on the other X chromosome that men have that makes a man a man. The Supreme Grand Master Paa Nazdir teaches us.
Man is a diversification of the original form due to lack of information on the other X chromosome.
While it is true that men have an X chromosome the classes of gender are not mixed up. She is the wombed- man. A man with a womb. So the term to her does apply. We are neutral in gender for a time that we are in the womb of our mother whether we are to be male or female.
"At 6-16 weeks after fertilization, the gonads appear to be neutral, each having an inner portion of testicular material and an outer zone of ovarian tissue; then the transformation into the male starts." : Actual Fact #19 page 10 verse 113. Paa MunzulNazdur: Amun Nub Re Akh Ptah (Djedi) shil Paa Hanutu aka H.E. Malachi Kobina York.
Over time the coding for male or female begins, but the actual beginning is female even before the level of diversification that we see at the 6-16 weeks.
At the cellular level when cells begin to divide they are dividing into daughter cells not son cells. Why is it that when a cell divides and splits the second of the first is called DAUGHTER CELLS? That is because they have to split again and then begin the mitotic phases of cellular diversification and growth and those are called Mitotic Phases.
Men can not on their own produce a second from a first on their own. A woman can.
In Islam we were taught that God is alone and has no partners. The statue of Isis that we see is a woman sitting alone while she is suckling her child. Where is Osiris? She is ALONE -ALL ONE! Osiris is not there in the statue as a grown man because she is the mother and the wife of her "son" at the same time.
The body of the wombed man is the same whether it is a "mother" body a "sister" body a "wife" body or a "aunt" body etc. She is the foundation. You cant get past that no matter what is tried. She is in fact the GOD BODY that produces as SON BODY and a SUN.
The stage of darkness that the sun is in is a female principle as it is dark in the womb of the mother in the beginning and THEN the light came. In the dark, as the primordial state there is no diversification, there is the unknown, XX.
Then there is the light that came from the darkness and the formation of light. "Genesis 1:1-4" ... and God said let there be light."
That light is the result of atoms clashing. 554 billion tons of hydorgen turning into 550 billion tons of helium, but before that there was an intelligence in the dark that caused the atoms to clash. The same thing happens in the womb of a woman, there is a clashing of the sperm to the ovum and the clash or crash results in life. The sun is the result of atoms clashing and the SON is the result of the same.
The state of darkness is thus a female principle being expressed in this writing as the primordial state of existence. Without her there can be no body for us or of us. She is the me of we. She is the primordial waters or the water of chaos because of the chaos of all the sperm fighting in the dark for that one egg and the rest die off.
We all start off as women from the first cell that splits into a daughter cell, then on to neutral in gender in the 6-16 weeks of gestation, and then on into the diversification of the embryo into male or female. She is the foundation and a GOD in flesh.