Monday, December 21, 2009


Religion is the cause for all or most of the pain and suffering on this planet.
First of all we are given a God that creates all things from nothing when in order for God to exist he has to at least be the composition of the agreement of those that are observing him that he is there.
There has to be an agreement to his sovereignty and rulership. Without the agreement there can be no God, there can be no devil by way of the same principle. This leaves man in a very precarious position. That means that man is ultimately responsible for his own demise. That man is on his own as long as he acknowledges God or anything that is outside of himself that does not lend itself to science or nature as a verification of his or her or its existence.
The very first part of the Bible begins, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." (Gen 1:1) . That is very nice, but in order to have a beginning there has to be an end, what ended that God was then able to begin to "create" all of existence as we know it from nothing?
First of all lets explore the idea of nothingness. Nothing is a state of existence. It is just no things known to man. That state of existence has not summed up to anything to be acknowledged as SOMETHING that we can lay claim to. Thus, we say there is nothing there.
However, once we begin to see the there is existence in the darkness, we then begin to try and account for it and then call it something unknown. Take for example the hydrogen atom H1. Scientist are now able see beyond the Hydrogen atom and we are now aware that there are smaller particles than that lightest element known to man. There are quants, quarks, biaps and zeles. There are smaller partciles still if you begin to look further into the nucleus of the Hydrogen atom. This atom is the lightest in its atomic number and the lightest element on the periodic table.
There was nothing that was to have existed before the Hydrogen atom on the periodic table. If that is in fact the case, then before Hydrogen there was nothing to have existed, until scientists caught up with Egipt, and began to look further, into the nucleus of the atom.
The sun is the source of light and life on this planet. The sun is composed of 554 billion tons of hydorgen turning into 550 billions tons of helium every second. This is called fusion and also gives the sun the title of being called a main sequence star. This conversion of hydrgen to helium is what gives off energy and causes our sun to burn and give off light or energy. We call it light on this planet, but the sun actually gives off energy. Why is this important and how is this related to God.
This is related to God because it is believed that God made existence from a state of nothingness, void and darkness. It is also believed that God said, Let there be light. If this is in fact the case and the sun was created from that statement, then it could not have been created from a state of nothingness because there were particles that existed before the sun was formed. This is a fact not belief.
This would imply that there is a composite nature to the sun and the composite nature of the sun would then imply the composite nature of God. Thus God would have to be a part of something in order to exist as a whole. He would first of all have to be in a state of EXISTENCE. Which would make him in a state of something and not existence itself. Even Jesus acknowledged this state when in Matt 6:9-15 where he states, "Our father who art IN heaven." That means that God is inside heaven and not heaven itself which means that he is smaller than heaven and not the Greatest as the Muslim would attribute him or it with the term Allahu Akbar. Christians state that he is Alpha and Omega beginning and end.
God however is not found in nature. Nature is the criterion for all things that exist and adhere to laws and principles of existence. This was realized by the creators of God and then placed him in nature by having a man that has God IN him interact with humans.
This aspect of Jesus being the incarnate of God gives God credence and the god story validity otherwise it could be easily dismissed the way we do Santa Claus. The Bible and the Vatican and the chruches and television and all other informative sources work very hard to keep the God model in play. If God were found in nature these informative sources would not be necessary.
For example there is no book that is needed to explain the sun, we see it and its there a fact of nature, there is no explanation or author needed to explain trees we see them and they are there, however when it comes to God, there is a book or books, there are authorities, ministers, Imams, Kohane, Vatican and every other religious and sacred group to give credence and lend evidence to that which is in fact not supported by nature.
There is no reason for a God, there is no evidence of God in nature, there is nature in nature but trees do not quote Bible verses and babies dont either, they are not born knowing the Qu'raan or the Bible, these are all taught and accepted but, that does not make them real. That does not make God a factual occurance in nature because we agree to believe a 2000 year old story (depending on the calendar) that was told to us by our parents and then accepted as fact.
This is all part of a clever plot to get you away from the source of power on this planet and that is NATURE and your NATURAL mind.
Your natural MIND has no idea of God until it is introduced to the Bible then a consious decision is made to ignore reality and adhere to what you have been taught, thus it is not natural, it is in fact mental conditioning. It is ithe circle that has been drawn around the mind, thereby controlling all that is in the circle because only the person that started the original point (alpha) and ending point (omega) knows where it begins and ends. You in the area of the circle did not witness that point thus you are subject to what has been placed in the prison of your mind until you break free by way of facts and right thinking and your natural state of mind.
Nuwaupu is mental freedom.

Friday, December 18, 2009


My name as given to me Paa Nazdir Ammunubi Re Akh Ptah Djeti Kalun Fadun is Baasukha. He has told me that I am Set and that is the name that I am going to use to express and to set right that which has been crooked.
I am always and will be a Nuwaupian, and a student of Paa Nazdir.
I will begin by stating that I have been a reader of the Paa Nazir's books since I was 13. In total some 15 plus years that I have been reading and growing spiritually and most of all mentally since I was exposed to the information that he has brought forth. I have been in his presence on numerous occasions and was never intimidated sexually or otherwise. He has only made me feel welcome and has smiled at me and welcomed me each time that I was in his presence.
Unfortunately I have to preface what I need to say with this information because once again, we are being attacked by negative forces that seek to control the minds and the thoughts of free thinking people. This may sound cliche but the fact that it sounds like old news when someone is trying to steal your mind and your soul away from you should be enough to scare you into fighting to get it back, or at least for self autonomy.
I MOVED of my free WILL to Atlanta Ga to be closer to him as he is my spiritual guide and Master, we all have spiritual guides and Masters, mines happens to look like me and is from Africa where all spiritual guides and Masters should be from in the first place. That is not racism its a fact. The cult center of the world is in Egipt which is in AFRICA. I was there and witnessed him turn a barn on 476 acres of land in Putnam County into a Cultural Center of awareness for the world. There were flags from every nation that flew on that land. Every religion and every culture was represented and welcome. YES even so called "white people" were welcomed and most important their children.
In an effort to keep us from going to clubs in Atlanta, he built a center for music and dance on that same land called Ramses Theatre, not only was there food and non-alchoholic beverages, but there was safety for us all and there was no fighting there was no prostitution, there was no vioaltion of people or peoples rights. We were in fact peaceful people. He took responsibility for peoples children when they could not or would not. He made the illiterate to read when they thought that there was nothing worth reading. I was there I saw it.
My testimony is not from second hand its not from other people I was there. I was with him. I helped build some of the pyramids that were on that land. I helped put on shows that were on the land. I sat and was lectured to by him on the cosmology of the universe, the understanding of relationships between men and women, the science of creation, the origin of indigenous peoples on the planet, the mind and how it decieves us, women and the proper way to treat them, the understanding of money, the nature of how the universe works and my relationship to it, I can go on and on. There were over 400 books that he has written and the subjects are vast.
It is no wonder that a single black man well into his 50's, that built pyramids in Putnam Co in Georgia is now in jail on charges that were made up by people that were scared of the fact that he brought both so called "blacks" and so called "whites" together under the pyramids in the west.
None of his accomplishments are mentioned on the internet unless they are followed by slanderous attacks on his character. It is time now begin to question those that so quickly dismantle our leaders guides and teachers when they are not replacing what they are taking away from us. This is not just about him Paa Nazdir this is about any and all those that are persecuted and prosecuted falsely.
Its no wonder that we are not able to tell the truth from the lie when the both the truth and lie ( media) are being controlled by those that manipulate information to their advantage. How can we rely on the the testimony of the media to explain or tell what and who this man actutally is. We watch the news now with a skeptical eye now and are quick to discard half of what is said as bunk and then call ourselves "investingating" by getting on the internet and "looking" up the issue. Satan can't cast out Satan. It is only by investigating and getting all the information that you can come to a conclusion that is sound and makes sense.
Fact, this country has a history of persecuting anything that is not consistent with the normal Anglo Saxon, European cosmology or aesthetic. There was a civil rights movement for heavily melanated people just some 40yrs ago, how do we expect that this man is not going to be put in jail and falsely accused and arrested. THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE NORM.
Just ask yourself on a personal level how much have you ignored the infringement of others on your ability to think clearly?
We have become mentally lazy and thus do not have the right to life as a result. We have got to stop allowing our minds to be locked away literally and physically for the purposes of control and use by those that seek to control us. NOT JUST SO CALLED BLACKS BUT ALL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!!!
When does it stop, Paa Nazdir is a man that came to give us a chance to prove to ourselves that we can be better to each other, that we can respect and love ourselves and not be ashamed and we responded by locking him up and then allowing the whole thing to crystalize as the norm. Our souls are under attack, our children are under attack, our minds are under attack. The very essence of why we call ourselves a human species is under attack and the right for us to rule this planet is being taken away.
Not only do we have to work to get him out, but we have to work to free our minds back to clarity, back to a place in the universe that allows us to be respected by nature. That is why there are floods and earthquakes and landslides.
Very quickly, stay with me. Nature is composed of the collective consiousness of our minds before incarnating into these bodies and after we are out of it. If we are not respecting the culture of the minds that are in the natural bodies that we live in, then how can we expect nature itself to not seek to destroy us when we seek to destroy ourselves?
Paa Nazdir is a representation of the higher self. If you read any of his books then you will see that. We must work to free him whether you know him or not.
The freedom of Paa Nazdir is the return of the our souls back to our bodies and the homecoming of our natural mind.