Monday, March 1, 2010

The True and Living God

Jermaine said...

Here's a question for you and correct me if I am wrong: Seeing how males are considered to be "man" and females are considered to be "wo-man". Science proves without a shadow of a doubt that females were here first. Since the female was the first "man" and she created males from her. Are the classifications of gender mixed up? Shouldn't males be classified as "wo-man" since males came from her womb and females be considered "man". Hotep

Thank you for your question.
The woman was not the first man the woman IS the first of the species of human being. The male is a diversification of the gene of a woman, it is a lack of information on the other X chromosome that men have that makes a man a man. The Supreme Grand Master Paa Nazdir teaches us.
Man is a diversification of the original form due to lack of information on the other X chromosome.
While it is true that men have an X chromosome the classes of gender are not mixed up. She is the wombed- man. A man with a womb. So the term to her does apply. We are neutral in gender for a time that we are in the womb of our mother whether we are to be male or female.
"At 6-16 weeks after fertilization, the gonads appear to be neutral, each having an inner portion of testicular material and an outer zone of ovarian tissue; then the transformation into the male starts." : Actual Fact #19 page 10 verse 113. Paa MunzulNazdur: Amun Nub Re Akh Ptah (Djedi) shil Paa Hanutu aka H.E. Malachi Kobina York.
Over time the coding for male or female begins, but the actual beginning is female even before the level of diversification that we see at the 6-16 weeks.
At the cellular level when cells begin to divide they are dividing into daughter cells not son cells. Why is it that when a cell divides and splits the second of the first is called DAUGHTER CELLS? That is because they have to split again and then begin the mitotic phases of cellular diversification and growth and those are called Mitotic Phases.
Men can not on their own produce a second from a first on their own. A woman can.
In Islam we were taught that God is alone and has no partners. The statue of Isis that we see is a woman sitting alone while she is suckling her child. Where is Osiris? She is ALONE -ALL ONE! Osiris is not there in the statue as a grown man because she is the mother and the wife of her "son" at the same time.
The body of the wombed man is the same whether it is a "mother" body a "sister" body a "wife" body or a "aunt" body etc. She is the foundation. You cant get past that no matter what is tried. She is in fact the GOD BODY that produces as SON BODY and a SUN.
The stage of darkness that the sun is in is a female principle as it is dark in the womb of the mother in the beginning and THEN the light came. In the dark, as the primordial state there is no diversification, there is the unknown, XX.
Then there is the light that came from the darkness and the formation of light. "Genesis 1:1-4" ... and God said let there be light."
That light is the result of atoms clashing. 554 billion tons of hydorgen turning into 550 billion tons of helium, but before that there was an intelligence in the dark that caused the atoms to clash. The same thing happens in the womb of a woman, there is a clashing of the sperm to the ovum and the clash or crash results in life. The sun is the result of atoms clashing and the SON is the result of the same.
The state of darkness is thus a female principle being expressed in this writing as the primordial state of existence. Without her there can be no body for us or of us. She is the me of we. She is the primordial waters or the water of chaos because of the chaos of all the sperm fighting in the dark for that one egg and the rest die off.
We all start off as women from the first cell that splits into a daughter cell, then on to neutral in gender in the 6-16 weeks of gestation, and then on into the diversification of the embryo into male or female. She is the foundation and a GOD in flesh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


To love is always a decision. A decision made out of pure
If man wanted to pour eternity into himself, he would first have to
deny himself and free the ego from it's own circle of perception.
Man must break the circle the limited self. The small cipher or
Lu=small,primitive Sumerian, cipher=circle. He must liberate himself
from the perception of himself. Perception is based on concepts that
we use to define our existence to secure the ego in what we call
Take for example the idea of being close. From an academic view, we
are as close as we perceive the self is away from that which is being
viewed, but once we remove our self from the concept then close can
not exist.
In other words, the common factor in perception is the presence of the
ego,thereby exposing it's limitation.
When experiencing love, distance, time,and space do not exist.
The reason is that the ego has been subdued,thus timelessness and
space can be shrunk by a thought. We are then able to experience in
the stillness of our selves the person or thing that we have feeling
for and time and space in that moment has been folded.
This principle or concept has it's quantum scientific correspondence
as well.
The strong force in the nucleus of the atom is responsible
for the composite bodies of the atom forming the atom itself. The atom
as we well know, is not a solid body. It is composed of 3 bodies;
proton, neutron, and electron. There was an agreement that was made
between these 3 bodies to harmoniously begin their rotations. They e-
lected or chose a path of rotation. Thus, we have the elect-tron. A
body that chooses or elects its travel pattern or tron. The proton
chooses its pattern as well and the neutral body that maintains
stillness , the nucleus;and by doing so creating it's own twin tron,
or movement.
The principle of correspondence would lend itself to begin to
understand human behavior from the atomic structure prototype in this
In a harmonious relationship between male and female bodies, the
agreement must be made between the two involved to experience the path
or they must elect, to revolve around the relationship and not be
attracted to the mass of their own bodies. In other words in a
relationship of love, the people involved are fed from the neutrality
of both parties having a vested interest in the other. This interest
is what forms a bond. These two bodies can not lose sight of the
neutrality because it (neutrality) has or is the composite of the
equal balance between the two thereby keeping both bodies whole and
It is only when we are attracted to our own interest, our own mass
that we lose our way or elected path and then disrupt the sacred
balance of opposite elected bodies and we are cast out into space
spinning with no purpose. All we seek at that point is to bond again
and agree to select another path and begin the process all over again.
Nuwaupu is neutrality and we are the bodies that have elected our
paths to revolve around it and maintain the balance and order.
We have cast off our mass only to experience timelessness as we are,
matterless as we are, spacelessness as we are.
As atoms are the building blocks of all structure and bodies, then the
composites must follow the successful examples of harmonious
in nature. That is the only way to be successful in
relationships of love and any other relationship that we may find
ourselves in. We must understand what the attraction is. Then we will
agree upon why we have taken this tron or path. We then have to agree
to revolve around the relationship, and not get weighed down by our
own interest that have nothing to do with the mutual agreement.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Psychic self defense is a term that is used to describe how to counter a persons attack on your mind which ultimately will affect your actions or what you do.
It is necessary to defend yourself psychicly because we are constantly under attack and being influenced by many things that can impact our spiritual growth and development.
We are constantly under attack from the media, we are too fat, too short, too small, we have bad teeth, bad breath and we are basically made to feel inadequate on a regular basis and made to feel as though we are not meeting some invisible idea of acceptance. This is an example of a psychic attack.
To defend yourself against a psychic attack is to accept yourself and all the greatness of yourself and then to also accept that which you think is inadequate as well. Learn to accept and embrace the things about you that you may not like and that you may want to change. See these things as that which makes you unique and there will be no reason to fear what you don't like about yourself because there is nothing that is wrong with you. You are made perfect in every way. This understanding is one of the first steps in beginning to defend yourself against psychic influence because you will be at peace when you accept yourself and love yourself and your flaws it is harder to penetrate you with negative influences because there is an inner strength that will close off attacks because you are emotionally and mentally weak.
A joyful person is harder to attack because they are strong in spirit and mind. The weak emotion of dissatisfaction and self hate are easy to penetrate because they are weak emotions. It is easier to influence a person in this state because these emotions create openings for influences to come in and make you think that you are in control when you are not.
The physical manifestation of a person losing the battle in psychic self defense can show up in several different ways.
Some people turn to drugs to fill a void in themselves that can be placed there by weak feelings of inadequate feelings. Feeling like you dont quite measure up to the standard and we use these kind of drugs to "fill" the void that we have.
Most may have been expecting a more deep explanation than the one given and there is, but the point of this lecture at this point is to give practical useful information from these blogs.
It is the intention of the writer to inspire the readers to research and ask questions.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Im glad that you asked that question. Thank you.To answer your first question, the way that you get rid of the God archetype is to realize that God is not necessary in pheonomena. In other words you can go with out God but you cant go with out the sun, air, water and earth.These are all natural and natures sustanence for us all. You can live your life and never know that there was a God that existed and still be alive. If the sun were to suddenly stop shining, then we would be dead and then the existence of God does not matter. All we want is for the sun to come back so that we can continue to live. Also God does everything through nature. The greatest examples of Gods power is all through nature. For instance, God talked to Moses through a burning bush. Here you have the element of fire, and then a bush, both are parts of nature. Then you have the parting of the Red or Reed sea, that was water that he used to drown the pharoahs army, again, water; a natural element. The only proof of any of those stories being real is the existence of the elements of nature in them. Thats how we get sucked in. We have no proof in any walls in Egipt that there ever was a Moses. There is no proof that fire can consume a bush in flames yet not burn it. There is no proof that the sea has ever split itself down the middle, or be selective about how it drowns. There is proof though that water exists, there is proof that fire exists.These stories have got to have some tie into NATURAL existence as foundation so that the person that is playing the God game or writing the book has a winning chance to suck you in and win over your mind with those stories.They can say, "Look here is Mt Zion where Moses stood." Then if you ask them."Well light a bush on fire and if it is not consumed by the fire, and a voice comes from it, then I'll belive ya story." But there are bodies of water all over the world, with different names how come the sea that was parted then is not parted still now? These would be unnessary acts of the power of God if they really did occur which makes God not needed. As for the second question, the beginning is everything that is in reference to the perspective of the author of the Bible and not an omnipotent God. So what ended before the existence of the God model was the perspective of reality without the need for a God to explain his existence to man so that man feels important. Hotep

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Name Set

I was given the name Set by my spiritual guide and master.
The name came about by way of an explanation that was given by my master guide.
I was being told that I had the spirit of Set in me by people that I was teaching. I did not understand fully what was being said as I was told that the name was a name for the devil. I then asked my guide and master why was I being called Set and he stated to me that I was in fact Set.
He stated that without Set there would be no Sunset and that was who I am. This is reference to a spiritual understanding of my nature. He stated that Set is not the devil and that if I was the devil then ask the man that was calling me Set why is he standing next to me.
He then said "Thats my order." He was referencing the Suns of the Black Light which is a sacred order that was part of the Ancient Egiptian Orders that were on the land that we lived on. This is a revered order that several people that were aspiring to be in.
It has to do with the intelligence that caused the light to come into existence.
There was intellect that caused the atoms to clash to cause the light to be what it is. That darkness is considered the devil or evil, the darkness is not evil, the darkness is peace and balancement.Light brings forth chaos and differentiation. We are racsist because we can see the difference skin tones, we are discriminatory based on what we see. In the dark there is oneness and peace.
The name is everything to do with that which is sacred and and concealed.
We are told often times that Egiptology is Satanism and that its demonic. Its not. The devil is a concept based on perception. Good and evil are not realities they are concepts based on emotions at times but ulitimately end up being to the advantage or disadvantage to the perciever thus it is aptly termed good or evil.
In Egiptology there are several meanings behind one name. There is more than one concept for a given name. For example Set is the brother of Osiris and the name or word set is also one of the ways that we say "fire" in our Nuwaupian language. This is the language that was spoken by our ancient ancestors before the Tower of Babel was destroyed Gen 11:7
In response to the question that was asked of me, the idea of Set being the devil is a concept that comes from a Christian-Judeo perspective. The bible is the Hebrew Bible King James version. If the so called Jews were in captivity to Egipt, then they would not consider just Set the devil, but all the Gods of Egipt are the devil according to them, if the story of the captivity of the Isrealites is true.
In fact all of what is in the Bible concerning anything Egiptian is considered evil in spite of the fact that Joeseph was told to take the boy Jesus into Egipt when Herod was looking to kill him.
In conclusion, Set is not evil Set is a necessary concept in Egiptology and I am of the Ancient Egiptian Order.
If there are any more questions please do not hesitate to ask your questions give me purpose.