Monday, April 11, 2011


Music today is not what it used to be and it doesn't take listening to the radio a long time to hear the lack of creativity and in some cases blatant disrespect for the art form itself.
The problem is that people do not realize how important music is. Music is the expression of the emotions of the soul of a person or a people or a nation.
Music can motivate people to do things that they normally wouldn't and it can make you behave in ways that you normally wouldn't.
For example, have you ever been listening to a rap song that was loud to begin with and then you turn it up, and then if its an aggressive song then you start to drive a little faster, or you peel out of a driveway or a parking lot faster than you normally would or do. This is because your mood has been altered.
Its these simple things that we do not consider when we think about music, we mostly think about our favorite song, or a song that put you in the "mood" or a song that makes you remember a time or a particular place that you were in when that song was played.
The song has created a reference point in the mind. The song has made a "groove" in your mind and you are drawn back to that time and place when that song is played, thus it can train your mind to react and then the body will follow.
This is a science that we in ancient Egipt used to heal people that were afflicted with certain ailments. The science of music is the science of sound and sound is vibration. Sound is also on the electromagnetic spectrum of light, thus sound is a form of light.
Information is carried in light and this is proved today by way of Fiber Optic Communication Systems. These systems break light down into codes and these codes are used to carry information. Thus you are able to transform light into messages and messages into light.
For example; this contact that you are reading is the result of codes that are basic on and off switches that "light up" your screen in order to communicate. The code looks like 00101110 and that may be a letter a or b, that code 0101010 is 1 on 0 off, based on the groupings of the on and off codes, the computer is then able to tell what letter to form to communicate a message! Thus you have light being transformed into codes to be able to communicate. Its proper name is called "BINARY CODE" this is the basic fundamental element of how a computer communicates. It is a series of on and off switches that make a message. 1 on 0 off, like what happens when you have Morse Code, however in the case of Morse Code its a sound!
When I was younger I used to have a "walkie talkie" myself and my brother used to play with it and right there on the walkie talkie was Morse Code, they were a series of beeps indicated by dots and then long beeps or tones indicated by lines. Next to the tones were letters, for example.
You would see .._.... and that would represent the letter A or B.
These ultimately were tones or sounds that ended up being letters, eventually the letters would form words and then the words sentences etc...
You may be asking what does this have to do with music, well I'll tell you.
Your body has its own vibration or "vibes" this is what we encounter when we meet people. We may say " I like his/her vibe." or we may say "I like that dude he's cool." or "I like her she's a nice girl". Often times we make these assumptions or statements with little to no information about the the person and either they prove to be good people that we like or we were deceived and the person is not what thought.
What are actually doing is "tuning" into that person and getting a feeling, well feeling is also on the spectrum of light and sound once you get past a certain octave beyond the 72nd and 84th octave emotions are produced. This can be found in the book "A Guidance From the Masters" The Ancient Egiptian Materialization Rite" by The Supreme Grand Hierophant Ammunubi Raakhptah Neter A'Aferti Atum-Re.
Now we are beginning to get emotions from a person with out really talking to a person however we are getting a "feel" for the person or an emotion that we are starting to feel.
What does this have to do with music?
This has a lot to do with music when the "feeling" is being taken out of the music and you are being turned into a receiver of emotions and vibrations rather than an producer of emotions and feelings for others.
We are being impacted by music and sound that does not move us anymore, thus we are losing our ability to dance and feel music. Now people are not listening for fun, people are wanting to have "mood" music to enhance the way that an atmosphere is, or they play music to make an atmosphere they way they want it to be. The soul and the emotional body is being left out and people are becoming more violent and less caring.
The soul is being sampled out of our lives and being replaced with electronic sounds and samples from people that actually did the work to make the music and its stolen from them and made a sound in some other sounds that are strung together and called music.
If music is a form of light and codes through sound , then what codes are we getting from the music that we are listening to?
Who is communicating codes to us and for what purpose, what are we being programmed to do and think?
These are the questions that we must begin to consider as we begin to take responsibility for ourselves as an indigenous people , declaring ourselves before the world. The responsibility of the well being of our soul (emotional self and body) must be protected and kept whole. Music not only impacts the emotional body it also can damage the mind and cause the brain to heat up and be cooked like meat in a microwave.
How does this happen?
When you listen to music at a loud volume and its directly on your ears, the vibration from the music waves create friction and friction creates heat, that heat from the sound waves movement causes your brain to heat up much like a microwave cooks food from the inside.
This heating up of the brain can make meditation impossible and can "burn" out certain parts of your brain and stop communication between you and your ancestors.
The music that you listen to should not leave you in an agitated state, it should not make you want to cry, it should not make you want to kill, or argue with your consort. The music that you listen to should make you light, remove all uneasiness, it should make you smile, it should make you hug your children, it should make you thankful for the ability to hear sound. Most of all, music should make you DANCE !!!!
If you don't dance when music comes on or want to dance when it comes on the then you are dead inside and empty!
The music should make you want to move because there is something inside you that can be moved, if the music is for dancing and its good real music, with real instruments and real sounds vocals, and you are not moved by it, then you may need to look up in your lineage and determine whether or not you are a Moor.
Music is meant to move the listener to emotions and make you feel and heal you to, but there has to be something there inside of you to heal to begin with.
Lastly, there is an agenda that is afoot. Nothing is by accident. There is a reason why the music is devoid of any real feeling. There is more to the reason why the music does not move you other than bad artist and the rush to make something quick that makes a lot of money.
If there is no artistry, there is no inspiration, where there is no inspiration, there is no desire to change, and anything that does not change is dead.
Moreover, there is an agenda to breed the "soul" out of you so that you are a ready "receptor" for information with out rebellion.
Are you a receiver or a producer?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


When I was on the last time. I was asking the question of the status of "so called" black people in this country.
Black people are a fiction and therefore there can be no law that applies to blacks because there is no land called black associated with that people. The conclusion, as long as there is no land associated with a people, then that people are "subjects" and "subjected" whatever people capture that people or persons, like when being captured by the police.
Today we are going to take a look at jurisdiction.
Jurisdiction, what is it? Who has jurisdiction over a thing or a people? Jurisdiction according to the BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 4th EDITION-it is the authority, capacity power of RIGHT to act. The word RIGHT according to the same book states-as a noun and taken in the abstract sense justice, ethical correctness, or consonance with the rules of a noun taken in the concrete sense of the word, a power, privilege, faculty or demand inherent in one person on one incident upon another. Rights are defined generally as powers of free action and the primal rights pertaining to men.
The question is then, who has the "right" of jurisdiction of one people over another, and where do they derive these rights from?
In the case of the United States , for practical purposes, the rights of the state are derived from the agreement of the people that reside in that state by way of contracts. Driver's license, mortgage, job, marriage certificate, and the list goes on.
How does this tie into rights?
These are all contracts, the drivers license,marriage certificate, mortgage note, all these give jurisdiction according to the terms and agreements and these documents are presented by the state of Georgia or whatever state in which you reside, to you.
You then agree to the terms and conditions in exchange for the ability to be able to drive, in the case of a drivers license when the right to drive is just that a RIGHT backed by supreme court rulings.
Christy vs Elliot, 216 I 131,74 HE 1035, LRA NS 1905-1910: California v Farley 98 CED Rpt. 89, 20 CA 3d 1032 (1971)
Traveling in an automobile on the public roads was not a threat to the public safety or health and constituted no hazard to the public, and such a traveler owed no other duty to the public (eg. the State);he/she and his her auto having equal right to and on the roadways/highways as horses and wagons, etc. this same right is still Substantive Rule, in that SPEEDING, RUNNING STOP SIGNS traveling WITHOUT LICENSE PLATES or REGISTRATION ARE NOT THREATS TO THE PUBLIC SAFETY AND THUS ARE NOT ARRESTABLE OFFENSES.
The above Supreme Court case ruling would mean that there is no reason that anyone should be stopped and harassed or arrested for any violation of the roadways or highways as these are not threats to public safety and are not emergencies. Where does the authority derive that gives these police officers the ability to be able to stop and kidnap people and torture them?
Now you may be wondering "Well then how come they stop people and arrest them and throw people in jail and issue tickets etc." If Im playing a game of Spades and you dont know that Im cheating, its not my job to tell you. Its your job to stop me from winning! The courts are not amendable to you nor are they to help you unless you know how to make them work for you.

This is just one example using the DRIVERS LICENSE of how they get the authority, you GAVE it to them. When you got the drivers license you agreed that driving is not a RIGHT that it is a privilege that can be taken away and that you can be jailed if you violate the terms and conditions of the LICENSE is not held up. The DDS Department of Driver Services gives you a card the same way a corporation gives you a card to get in the building, you are now amendable to your job and you are amendable to the state as well by way of the card called a LICENSE.
This is one way that jurisdiction is gained from you.
They way that you gain it back is to resend yourself back to a document that "trumps" the jurisdiction of state. The document that does that is the Constitution, there is only one people that are able to claim the Constitution as a document that they can stand on that is weightier than the policies and statutes, and ordinances of the state.
Those people are Moors.
That is the correct status of our people. That is the correct name of our nation of our people. This is the title that gives back the LAW that we are to be adjudicated to.
As long as there is no name that is given to a people that ties that people to a place of origin and a land and a culture, then that people does not exist at law. They are called Civil Liter Mortuse. It means dead in the eyes of the law.
This is what the majority of black people are at law. They are dead and not in full life, (opposite of Civil Liter Mortuse)
To correct this situation you must NATIONALIZE you must declare who you are, what rights you adhere to and what LAW governs you, not ACTS, CODES, CANNONS, STATUTES but LAW.
Most of you may be thinking that the title MOOR has to do with Morocco, or Spain. It does not. The Treaty of Peace and Friendship which is the Treaty that recognizes the colonies as a nation was from the Emperor of Morocco. It references using currency from Mexico which means that they were here and not in Spain across seas, that was done to continue to displace the Moors that were here, on this land. The other attempt was to call the mullatos here Indians, and then Native Americans and then say that we came from Africa.
It was clear that Columbus was not in India, so what did the people that he came across call themselves? It could not have been Indian, as they were not in India. The people of India today do not call themselves Indians they are called Singh. In reference to the Moon and that is where you get the word SIN from as it is in reference to a moon cycle and another name of the moon is called SIN being born in SIN is in reference to a time not a condition of ones soul. Look it up before you challenge, present the facts and then we can reason together.
Back to my point; the jurisdiction is given by the true sovereigns and that is you and I. We gave the jurisdiction to the states by agreeing to the contracts of the state in exchange for goods and services.
These "benefits" must be resent and the instruments used for commerce and commerce only, the rights of the indigenous people have to be reserved.
In conclusion, jurisdiction comes as a result of inherent right as was explained in the beginning of this contact. INHERENT that means that if the people that are assuming jurisdiction have no INHERENT right, then they can have jurisdiction unless the true sovereigns give it to them.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Have you ever wondered who the Indians are? Whats the reason that Family Trees and lineage is now more important than previous years? Why is there a wev-site and commercials that ask you to explore where your family lineage is from?
The reason appears to be that there is movement to begin to "define" who's who on the planet.
Most people that are of African American decent just call themselves "black" and are done with the whole question; but what does that mean?
What does black mean as a definition of a people? I have asked and most so called "blacks" take pride and defend the fact that they are indeed, "black". However, black is a colour or lack there of or the conglomeration of all colors, it does not "define" and has never defined the name of a nation of people.
The name of a people or thing is very important. Especially when it comes to the name of a Nation of people or even a group of people. Adam was told that he was to name everything on the planet. He was able to name all the things on the planet because he knew the nature of all that existed as he was the last thing created and thus embodied the "nature" of all things.
If you believe the story of Adam ( and most in this country do) then who was the Adam that gave the term "black" to a nation of people that existed before the English language and thus could not have termed themselves as black?
Where did this term come from? Why have some many people of "so called" African American decent accepted this term when the people themselves that are being referred to, have not publicly or legally declare this to be the name of their people or nationality?
What laws apply to a people that have been termed and named by the people that oppress and injure them?
Could this be the reason that there is no "justice" for "black" people in this country? Maybe the term has no law associated with it to give any "justice" to a people that have not asserted their nationality and lineage therefore resulting in a "made up " people in which "made up" laws or policies apply.
A person would no sooner apply real laws to a character made up in a video game, than a court would appoint "rights" to a "black" person because he/she is as fictious as Tron or Pac Man or any video game character that you can imagine and play.
That is exactly what happens in a court to a fictitious person that has no name or nationality and no "standing" at law, that person gets "played" in the court as fiction because that is what "black" people in court are. they are fictions of so called natural people, thus only ACTS can be passed for these people because they ACT like real people with a nationality but at law, are not.
They are in fact "fictions" thus you have a Civil Rights ACT and not Civil Rights LAW.
Now this may appear at first to be a little to simple for you to accept, but isnt that what truth is?
Truth is always simple and easily understood. You may not like what it is but, its understood by all.
Until, there is a definition of a so called "African Americans" and "blacks" at law, and they are or have DECLARED a name of a nation of people that are associated with a land, they are not able to assert any rights that are reserved for REAL PEOPLE that have a land and lineage that is associated with that people.