Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Have you ever wondered who the Indians are? Whats the reason that Family Trees and lineage is now more important than previous years? Why is there a wev-site and commercials that ask you to explore where your family lineage is from?
The reason appears to be that there is movement to begin to "define" who's who on the planet.
Most people that are of African American decent just call themselves "black" and are done with the whole question; but what does that mean?
What does black mean as a definition of a people? I have asked and most so called "blacks" take pride and defend the fact that they are indeed, "black". However, black is a colour or lack there of or the conglomeration of all colors, it does not "define" and has never defined the name of a nation of people.
The name of a people or thing is very important. Especially when it comes to the name of a Nation of people or even a group of people. Adam was told that he was to name everything on the planet. He was able to name all the things on the planet because he knew the nature of all that existed as he was the last thing created and thus embodied the "nature" of all things.
If you believe the story of Adam ( and most in this country do) then who was the Adam that gave the term "black" to a nation of people that existed before the English language and thus could not have termed themselves as black?
Where did this term come from? Why have some many people of "so called" African American decent accepted this term when the people themselves that are being referred to, have not publicly or legally declare this to be the name of their people or nationality?
What laws apply to a people that have been termed and named by the people that oppress and injure them?
Could this be the reason that there is no "justice" for "black" people in this country? Maybe the term has no law associated with it to give any "justice" to a people that have not asserted their nationality and lineage therefore resulting in a "made up " people in which "made up" laws or policies apply.
A person would no sooner apply real laws to a character made up in a video game, than a court would appoint "rights" to a "black" person because he/she is as fictious as Tron or Pac Man or any video game character that you can imagine and play.
That is exactly what happens in a court to a fictitious person that has no name or nationality and no "standing" at law, that person gets "played" in the court as fiction because that is what "black" people in court are. they are fictions of so called natural people, thus only ACTS can be passed for these people because they ACT like real people with a nationality but at law, are not.
They are in fact "fictions" thus you have a Civil Rights ACT and not Civil Rights LAW.
Now this may appear at first to be a little to simple for you to accept, but isnt that what truth is?
Truth is always simple and easily understood. You may not like what it is but, its understood by all.
Until, there is a definition of a so called "African Americans" and "blacks" at law, and they are or have DECLARED a name of a nation of people that are associated with a land, they are not able to assert any rights that are reserved for REAL PEOPLE that have a land and lineage that is associated with that people.