Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Name Set

I was given the name Set by my spiritual guide and master.
The name came about by way of an explanation that was given by my master guide.
I was being told that I had the spirit of Set in me by people that I was teaching. I did not understand fully what was being said as I was told that the name was a name for the devil. I then asked my guide and master why was I being called Set and he stated to me that I was in fact Set.
He stated that without Set there would be no Sunset and that was who I am. This is reference to a spiritual understanding of my nature. He stated that Set is not the devil and that if I was the devil then ask the man that was calling me Set why is he standing next to me.
He then said "Thats my order." He was referencing the Suns of the Black Light which is a sacred order that was part of the Ancient Egiptian Orders that were on the land that we lived on. This is a revered order that several people that were aspiring to be in.
It has to do with the intelligence that caused the light to come into existence.
There was intellect that caused the atoms to clash to cause the light to be what it is. That darkness is considered the devil or evil, the darkness is not evil, the darkness is peace and balancement.Light brings forth chaos and differentiation. We are racsist because we can see the difference skin tones, we are discriminatory based on what we see. In the dark there is oneness and peace.
The name is everything to do with that which is sacred and and concealed.
We are told often times that Egiptology is Satanism and that its demonic. Its not. The devil is a concept based on perception. Good and evil are not realities they are concepts based on emotions at times but ulitimately end up being to the advantage or disadvantage to the perciever thus it is aptly termed good or evil.
In Egiptology there are several meanings behind one name. There is more than one concept for a given name. For example Set is the brother of Osiris and the name or word set is also one of the ways that we say "fire" in our Nuwaupian language. This is the language that was spoken by our ancient ancestors before the Tower of Babel was destroyed Gen 11:7
In response to the question that was asked of me, the idea of Set being the devil is a concept that comes from a Christian-Judeo perspective. The bible is the Hebrew Bible King James version. If the so called Jews were in captivity to Egipt, then they would not consider just Set the devil, but all the Gods of Egipt are the devil according to them, if the story of the captivity of the Isrealites is true.
In fact all of what is in the Bible concerning anything Egiptian is considered evil in spite of the fact that Joeseph was told to take the boy Jesus into Egipt when Herod was looking to kill him.
In conclusion, Set is not evil Set is a necessary concept in Egiptology and I am of the Ancient Egiptian Order.
If there are any more questions please do not hesitate to ask your questions give me purpose.

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