Friday, February 5, 2010


Im glad that you asked that question. Thank you.To answer your first question, the way that you get rid of the God archetype is to realize that God is not necessary in pheonomena. In other words you can go with out God but you cant go with out the sun, air, water and earth.These are all natural and natures sustanence for us all. You can live your life and never know that there was a God that existed and still be alive. If the sun were to suddenly stop shining, then we would be dead and then the existence of God does not matter. All we want is for the sun to come back so that we can continue to live. Also God does everything through nature. The greatest examples of Gods power is all through nature. For instance, God talked to Moses through a burning bush. Here you have the element of fire, and then a bush, both are parts of nature. Then you have the parting of the Red or Reed sea, that was water that he used to drown the pharoahs army, again, water; a natural element. The only proof of any of those stories being real is the existence of the elements of nature in them. Thats how we get sucked in. We have no proof in any walls in Egipt that there ever was a Moses. There is no proof that fire can consume a bush in flames yet not burn it. There is no proof that the sea has ever split itself down the middle, or be selective about how it drowns. There is proof though that water exists, there is proof that fire exists.These stories have got to have some tie into NATURAL existence as foundation so that the person that is playing the God game or writing the book has a winning chance to suck you in and win over your mind with those stories.They can say, "Look here is Mt Zion where Moses stood." Then if you ask them."Well light a bush on fire and if it is not consumed by the fire, and a voice comes from it, then I'll belive ya story." But there are bodies of water all over the world, with different names how come the sea that was parted then is not parted still now? These would be unnessary acts of the power of God if they really did occur which makes God not needed. As for the second question, the beginning is everything that is in reference to the perspective of the author of the Bible and not an omnipotent God. So what ended before the existence of the God model was the perspective of reality without the need for a God to explain his existence to man so that man feels important. Hotep

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  1. I applaude you for this work b/c all should at least read your work-not asking anyone to agree but just read. This is food for the brain and soul. . .So, Ok--I see. The natural elements are the only tangible powers that be. Interesting; However, I would like to ask a question that is off topic: What is this notion of phsycic defense I keep catching wind of? What is it and why is it neccessary? And if there is such a thing as 'phsycic defense', what happens when you loose a phsycic war and your defenses are penetrated-what are the physical manifestations of such an event?