Sunday, February 14, 2010


To love is always a decision. A decision made out of pure
If man wanted to pour eternity into himself, he would first have to
deny himself and free the ego from it's own circle of perception.
Man must break the circle the limited self. The small cipher or
Lu=small,primitive Sumerian, cipher=circle. He must liberate himself
from the perception of himself. Perception is based on concepts that
we use to define our existence to secure the ego in what we call
Take for example the idea of being close. From an academic view, we
are as close as we perceive the self is away from that which is being
viewed, but once we remove our self from the concept then close can
not exist.
In other words, the common factor in perception is the presence of the
ego,thereby exposing it's limitation.
When experiencing love, distance, time,and space do not exist.
The reason is that the ego has been subdued,thus timelessness and
space can be shrunk by a thought. We are then able to experience in
the stillness of our selves the person or thing that we have feeling
for and time and space in that moment has been folded.
This principle or concept has it's quantum scientific correspondence
as well.
The strong force in the nucleus of the atom is responsible
for the composite bodies of the atom forming the atom itself. The atom
as we well know, is not a solid body. It is composed of 3 bodies;
proton, neutron, and electron. There was an agreement that was made
between these 3 bodies to harmoniously begin their rotations. They e-
lected or chose a path of rotation. Thus, we have the elect-tron. A
body that chooses or elects its travel pattern or tron. The proton
chooses its pattern as well and the neutral body that maintains
stillness , the nucleus;and by doing so creating it's own twin tron,
or movement.
The principle of correspondence would lend itself to begin to
understand human behavior from the atomic structure prototype in this
In a harmonious relationship between male and female bodies, the
agreement must be made between the two involved to experience the path
or they must elect, to revolve around the relationship and not be
attracted to the mass of their own bodies. In other words in a
relationship of love, the people involved are fed from the neutrality
of both parties having a vested interest in the other. This interest
is what forms a bond. These two bodies can not lose sight of the
neutrality because it (neutrality) has or is the composite of the
equal balance between the two thereby keeping both bodies whole and
It is only when we are attracted to our own interest, our own mass
that we lose our way or elected path and then disrupt the sacred
balance of opposite elected bodies and we are cast out into space
spinning with no purpose. All we seek at that point is to bond again
and agree to select another path and begin the process all over again.
Nuwaupu is neutrality and we are the bodies that have elected our
paths to revolve around it and maintain the balance and order.
We have cast off our mass only to experience timelessness as we are,
matterless as we are, spacelessness as we are.
As atoms are the building blocks of all structure and bodies, then the
composites must follow the successful examples of harmonious
in nature. That is the only way to be successful in
relationships of love and any other relationship that we may find
ourselves in. We must understand what the attraction is. Then we will
agree upon why we have taken this tron or path. We then have to agree
to revolve around the relationship, and not get weighed down by our
own interest that have nothing to do with the mutual agreement.

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