Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Psychic self defense is a term that is used to describe how to counter a persons attack on your mind which ultimately will affect your actions or what you do.
It is necessary to defend yourself psychicly because we are constantly under attack and being influenced by many things that can impact our spiritual growth and development.
We are constantly under attack from the media, we are too fat, too short, too small, we have bad teeth, bad breath and we are basically made to feel inadequate on a regular basis and made to feel as though we are not meeting some invisible idea of acceptance. This is an example of a psychic attack.
To defend yourself against a psychic attack is to accept yourself and all the greatness of yourself and then to also accept that which you think is inadequate as well. Learn to accept and embrace the things about you that you may not like and that you may want to change. See these things as that which makes you unique and there will be no reason to fear what you don't like about yourself because there is nothing that is wrong with you. You are made perfect in every way. This understanding is one of the first steps in beginning to defend yourself against psychic influence because you will be at peace when you accept yourself and love yourself and your flaws it is harder to penetrate you with negative influences because there is an inner strength that will close off attacks because you are emotionally and mentally weak.
A joyful person is harder to attack because they are strong in spirit and mind. The weak emotion of dissatisfaction and self hate are easy to penetrate because they are weak emotions. It is easier to influence a person in this state because these emotions create openings for influences to come in and make you think that you are in control when you are not.
The physical manifestation of a person losing the battle in psychic self defense can show up in several different ways.
Some people turn to drugs to fill a void in themselves that can be placed there by weak feelings of inadequate feelings. Feeling like you dont quite measure up to the standard and we use these kind of drugs to "fill" the void that we have.
Most may have been expecting a more deep explanation than the one given and there is, but the point of this lecture at this point is to give practical useful information from these blogs.
It is the intention of the writer to inspire the readers to research and ask questions.

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